The New Denver Survivors Committee


The New Denver Survivors Committee


 We Are United in Common Purpose



To seek redress in the form of an official, unconditional, clear and public apology in the B.C. Legislature as recommended by the B.C. Ombudsman in April 1999, "Righting The Wrong: The Confinement of the Sons of Freedom Doukhobor Children"  and the full implementation of her recommendations on page 71.
We are still waiting....
This website has been created as a temporary means of informing the Doukhobor children, now adults, who survived incarceration in the sanitorium in New Denver, B.C. between 1953 and 1959.  We use the term survivors to mean a person who endured many privations and abuses, who suffered the loss of the love and warmth of family and community, whose childhood was devoid of normal childhood experience but who was yet strong enough to survive their experiences. However, each is still needing after all these years, resolution in a way that can facilitate healing within. 
It is important that the New Denver Survivors and all others who are interested, have access to all information pertaining to efforts made in the past and is currently being made by the New Denver Survivors and their supporters in a format that is easily accessible to all.
This site is in construction and will be continually evolving as more information becomes available or changes take place.  Be sure to check back periodically for updates.
We encourage you, the New Denver Survivor,  to record your personal stories and experiences of that time. Your life experience is important to share with the world to ensure that what happened to you does not ever happen again. 
or write to: New Denver Survivors, Box 77, Crescent Valley, B.C. V0G 1H0, with any questions or concerns or new information that we need to know.